the buck stops here

yipes I sure wiped myself out yesterday. I woke up at 6:30 and worked from 10 to 10 (with a break from around 1 to 4:30). well I did make some pretty good tips, so all in all it wasn’t a total waste. but let’s just say that I’m not planning to do that again.

I was thinking something interesting yesterday: the past year and two months I’ve been pioneering have really helped me establish limits, boundaries if you will. Mind you, there’s lots of them I have yet to set, too. Like telling people, hey yo, I just woke up at 6:30am and I need to close up at 10pm, I can’t work all the hours you’ve asked me to work in between.

I think I might just forget about this pizza delivery job and look for something else to bide my time with. I mean, doing delivery is ok, but considering that a) it’s not well paid, b) I’m using my own car and paying my own gas, c) to make it worthwhile (as in, to make anything close to minimum wage) I have to work entire days, d) lots of other very good reasons, it’s just not worth it. maybe I could stay on for friday and sunday nights or something, but otherwise, this is really not something I want to keep doing.

well. I guess I have to find a day job then. that settles that.

I still haven’t heard back from the extremely busy president of the big ESL college in town. did I mention I passed their aptitude test to become a teacher? All I need now is to schedule a training session where I can pick up the basics of how their teaching method works.

I would like a trip to Europe.

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