bad moon rising

happy friday the 13th. have you noticed the full moon out? according to anonymous poll, exactly the same proportion of people as usual had bad luck today.

it was a pretty crazy day delivering pizza today (no, I didn’t quit yet). a rainy Friday night before Father’s Day weekend. would you want to cook dinner? well, if you like cooking maybe. but I guess a lot of people just want that good old home-style congealed grease. with a side of slaw!

I made $32.00, not counting tips (with tips, probably 50-55) I spent $7.00 on gas and around another $10.00 on food and coffee. Tomorrow I’m not working, I’m going to Montreal for Ruhi Book 7 (yay!). With all the driving around I’ve been doing, It’s been like like a round trip to Montreal in four days. With lots of starts and stops. Grumble.

To end on a happy note, here’s the funniest MMF (make-money-fast) spam I’ve ever seen:

A Priest, a Rabbi and a Cleric were walking one day

when the priest said to the others as they went down the street,

Once when I was much younger, I felt a strange hunger.

This was of course, before I became a priest..

I met a young lady, she said her name was Katie

and to win her heart I had to compete…

She said it takes a special chap to win her heart like that

and the dough was needed for the two hearts to meet.

I explained that money was you see, a mystery to me

She said that I needed to take a seat.

She said if you have not heard of the proven way to make money each and every day.

Maybe you should just become a priest.

So I did and my dear katie found her own way to make her own money every day

and now she is as rich as Bill gates.

To find out how Katie did it, Click on the link below…

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