the killer québécois diet

Oh, the things I’ve started eating since coming to Québec. I just finished eating a nice big slice of sugar pie. Aaahhhhh refined sugar and dairy products. Then there’s the poutine. No, I haven’t managed to cut that out of my diet. Even though I usually regret it every time I eat it… it’s just too deliiiiiciouuuuuus. Then there’s the cheese. Unaged, firm cheese. It squeaks in your mouth. Like cheese curds! When I came here I thought cheese curds were gross. But now I love ’em. Then there’s other things that I don’t eat, but are just too notable to overlook: cretons (basically a rough pork pâté, I think), backbacon, barbecue chicken, tourtière, and many other things that don’t immediately come to mind. Oh the artery-hardening goodness!


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