pioneering & job-hunting

I almost feel like a kid again. I feel like some Huckleberry Finn wandering down the Mississippi in search of I know not what, hoping to be in the right place at the right time. Anyone else would surely look at me and call me insane for doing the things I’ve been doing. I could go back to Ottawa and get a cushy government job with a big fat salary in no time flat, and yet look at me, out in Drummondville, waiting, waiting, waiting for my boat to come in. Oh wait, make that train. There aren’t any boats around here, just trains. Anyway.

The good news is that I found some work — delivering pizza. Now, I know what you’re about to say about how insane that is and how I must be out of my mind — but hey, it’s money, I’m gonna try it out and see if it’s to my advantage to keep going with it. Even though I may feel like a kid, I am a big boy.

Or maybe you’re just laughing at me and saying “that crazy Dan Jones”. That’s perfectly ok. Besides, you’re laughing with me. 😉

The other good news is that I’m making some really super contacts here in Drummondville. On Wednesday I went to see someone at La Tablée Populaire, kind of like a really inexpensive restaurant that’s especially for people who are without work; they also have an internet access centre in the back. I asked the director guy whether he needed anyone to help out with the computers, maybe offer some introductory classes, and he responded with a hearty yes. There are tons of local companies that sponsor the place. It could be very interesting — and besides, it’s good to volunteer. On Thursday, I started delivering pizza, and during my break in between lunch and dinner, I moseyed over to the Centre Jeunesse Emploi, where my very cool and helpful counsellor asked me if I wanted to be part of the conseil d’administration (administrative council) of the Centre. Wow! I said yea verily. That should be quite interesting, and should allow me to increase my contacts quite a bit. And in other news, this morning I called up two places where I had taken tests (in the hopes of getting a job) and reminded them that I was alive. Next week I should start getting replies from them. Yo. Word up.

All in all, this job-hunting experience is going far better than my previous one in Victoriaville. I’m pretty sure it’s because this time around, I’m carrying around the extra one year of experience struggling to find a job.

So, in short? I’m working a part-time job, extremely temporary, but at least I’m making money; I’m making boat– er, trainloads of contacts; and I’m keeping up those contacts that I do have, which will hopefully end up soon with me having a nice, enjoyable, respectable, well-paid job.

Et c’est pas fini, ce n’est qu’un début.

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