mrq msp div

i got my tax return today. that causes for a little bit of clapping time!

or at least, I think it’s my tax return. all I know is, someone called “MRQ MSP/DIV” credited my chequing account today, and I’m happy as pie.


Update: Yes, “MRQ MSP/DIV” is a direct deposit for your tax return, if you live in Quebec. “MRQ” stands for “Ministère du Revenu du Québec”. Seeing a transaction with this description means that you got money back from the Quebec government—more specifically, your TVQ (provincial tax) refund. No idea what “MSP/DIV” means, of course.

En français: Oui, les lettres “MRQ” dans “MRQ MSP/DIV” correspondent au Ministère du Revenu du Québec; c’est en effet votre chèque de la TVQ. Aucune idée de ce que “MSP/DIV” veut dire, par contre.

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