to all the people who have gotten in touch with me lately and are wondering what’s up and whether I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, the answer is no! I’m just busy. I will elucidate further at a later time.

some things I’ve been up to lately:

  • celebrating ridván in Victoriaville
  • contacting prospective employers (and making some mighty good contacts!)
  • singing some more at the “Soirées Taizé” in Victoriaville — nice and reflective and regenerating
  • visiting Rivière-du-Loup for a Bahá’í conference, and having a grand old time in a real nice house with lots of kind and beautiful people
  • celebrating the Feast of Beauty monday night and getting elected secretary of the Drummondville Bahá’í group (!)
  • mailing my tax return (!!!!!)
  • hugging cats 🙂

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