home, home on the range

dis is a note to tell alla you people that I’m all coolin out in Drummondville yo. my homies are in tha hizzouse yo word up to south side of the rivière St-François. my Hériot krew, my Lindsay posse, my St-Joseph crowd where ya at! make sum noize!

No but seriously y’all, dis place be mad hot. I gots me a phat crib, a sweet ride, and the sun be shinin’ through my window like damn! dis gon’ be nice, brother.

in other words, I hooked up my Internet connection, cleaned up the pad on Monday with Claire, reprazentin’ tha MTL, one love, île de Montréal in tha house no doubt, hosted a phat jam last night for the fête de dix-neuf jours yo, 19-day feast, one love yo, a truly spiritual happenin’. and now it’s time for the one two, we gon’ deliver flowers, and yo, I be like sortin’ out alla my papers an’ all dat. returnin’ the real. crazy.

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