destroy the universe, you say?

I have a folder in Eudora called my “What the hell?” folder. In it, I keep copies of unusual email, usually email I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to get. I was flipping through it today and I found this interesting tidbit, from a *.in address (India):

New Technology for Signal Deciphering

With pleasure and regret, I announce beginning of new era with a break-through in digital communication technology and data-management.

It is pleasure because we, the human will be able even to create a new heaven for us since the Nature is now unable to keep any secret with her.

It is regret because the new era will witness unbelievable deadly weapons that will be capable for destruction of not only isolated object but also the UNIVERSE.

That’s stretching it a bit, isn’t it? digital communication and data management to… destroying the universe? Maybe I really shouldn’t own that cell phone…

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