actual news instead of joking around

wuzzup yo. so I’m gonna give y’all a little update on how life is going here in drummondville. the first week was pretty hectic and I was getting a bit depressed because everything was filled with bags and I felt cut off from the rest of the world (no internet, no home phone, didn’t know my neighbours real well) On the 4th they hooked up my phone, and on the 9th I got hooked up to Internet. woohoo! Also on the 9th, I hosted the Feast at my place, and that was lots of fun. Everything was nice and clean and welcoming and warm. That helped me a lot in feeling established, too. Next I had my famous meeting with Marie-Jo Thério on Friday, and then my famous meeting with Farnoush. Which reminds me, I still have some work to do from that meeting. Then mom and dad came over on the 12th, and brought various odds and ends including my new filing cabinet (which we painted black so I could chalk on it). then on sunday morning (the 13th) there was an absolutely phat meeting of the 3cj that took place at Chez Cora on Stanley St. in downtown MTL. I love it! Then on Monday, the job search club started once again and boom boom boom boom, things happen left and right, we’re calling people asking them if we can come and talk to them about a job, we’re chopping out business cards, and stuff. Oh yes, and on the 14th, it was election day in Quebec, and although the incumbent PQ candidate in Drumondville was re-elected, his government wasn’t. I don’t imagine he was real sad about it, though. I actually met the aforementioned candidate in an elevator on the morning of the 14th. he didn’t look like he was in a good mood so I kept my mouth shut and just smiled.

uhh, what else can I talk about… well I got really confused when people started congratulating me on my poetry and I didn’t realize that it was because one of my poems had been published in the national Bahá’í magazine, Bahá’í Canada (which I hadn’t received yet). Then I received it and I was less confused. And I’d like to congratulate the good people at Bahá’í Canada because they translated the poem very well into French.

oh, and today? I slept nine hours and feel just great. today I’m going to go out for a bit and then come back to attack the large pile of documents that I need to file into my filing cabinet. huzzah! no more bags lying around! classification and order! huzzah! and more than that, I can write all over the filing cabinet and nobody gives a damn!


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