the story so far

well, fun fun fun! I’m feeling now. things are starting to go in my efforts to establish myself in Drummondville. Yesterday I dropped in at the Cégep to hand in a resumé, and I also took some to talk with one of the teachers in the IT department. That was . After that, since I was in town, I went to see some apartments near the Cégep. They were pretty . I really liked one of them, and I back to see if I could put my name in for it. I left a , so hopefully they’ll get back to me today.

Later, during the , I popped by Marc and Nicole Lachance’s house, where they had invited a Bahá’í family from London (Ontario) for dinner. They play (really well, too); during the they performed at the restaurant in a local supermarket. Too bad I missed that. Anyway, there was , , and when the night was over they took a of everyone together.

was that good?

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