cat on bed

(i wrote this last night)

I’ve been staring at screens all day. I’m sure that’s not good. Oh well. I guess for now, that’s my lot in life. Of course, if I really wanted to, I could go out and take a walk. Hey, now, that’s not a bad idea. I think I’ll go do that.

one walk later…

wow, that was fun. and I got some good exercise tromping through all that snow. I haven’t done that in a long time. I think I needed it. only thing now is, I have a headache. blah. well, that’s nothing a little lemon and honey won’t cure.

so what news? well, I signed papers for a credit check for my new apartment today, and faxed it off to Drummondville, where the SECRET AGENT real estate agent will take care of sending it off. then, if all goes well, I’ll receive an invitation to come up and sign a lease. then I’ll have an apartment, yeehaw! I’ll keep you all posted on that tip.

man am i tired. that’s why I’ve got all these headaches. I’m just gonna go to bed. forget all those emails. I’ll take care of them tomorrow. got to sleep…

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