car, home, and job

good evening fellow hopefuls. I woke up in Sherbrooke at Guylaine and Chakda’s place (Guylaine is the sister of Geneviève, one of the recent pioneers to Victoriaville) and Chakda drove me over to Bel-Air Direct so I could straighten out my insurance issues and get a big phat check for the value of the car that I totaled. Woohoo!

Then I got on the bus to Drummondville, and discovered that I had gotten there too late to catch the 11h00 bus to Victoriaville, so I had to wait around until 14h10, when the next bus came. So I hung around with some of the Bahá’ís in Drummondville (namely France and Jessika, who live near the bus terminal) until it came.

Then I got to Victoriaville and everything was superb.

Then I started calling people and everything was all good.

Then I called people again and it was fantastic.

Then I typed this and it was tubular.

Then I went over to the Centre Emmaüs to sing happy songs about God and it was great!

My shoulder hurts.

Anyway, I suppose I should touch on at least part of what I wanted to say instead of being silly. It seems like when you make up your mind on a goal, everything falls into place. Or, at the very least, you set into motion the wheels and cogs and neurons inside your head that alert you to opportunities and make you do the right things in order to fulfill your goal. Today, while I was in Drummondville, I popped over to the Ellis Business College, where I heard they were hiring people. I had a real nice chat with a really friendly and helpful guy, and he gave me a few pointers as to where else I could look for work, who I could talk to, and so forth. I’ll give them a copy of my CV. After that, when I popped over to France and Jessika’s (Jessika is France’s daughter), France called up her old landlord, who she says is real nice, and asked him if he had any apartments going up for rent in April. And wouldn’t you know it, he did, a small 2 1/2. It’s right next to a bar, though. But hey, it’s a start! And the rent’s not much more expensive than what I’m paying right now.

Suffice to say, perhaps, that I had a pretty good day. I don’t really like missing work, of course — because I’ll have to make it up — but, well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

More later. ta-ta!

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