smashy smashy

well, my car is in a garage in Hull after having had a bang-up. I rear-ended another car after trying to brake downhill on an icy road after a bunch of freezing rain fell. no one was seriously hurt. still, it’s not real cool to be in this guy‘s shoes.

I got a lot of support from the Bahá’í community afterwards. they were all sending their sympathies and best wishes and their gratitude that I was all right. I had several people telling me that the accident may actually have been a blessing in disguise — perhaps it kept something even worse from happening to me. that’s a nice thought. it wasn’t my first thought when I had the accident, but after reflecting on it, I’d lean more in that direction myself.

I tried to post earlier today, but I had some computer mess-ups and mistakenly erased it. I was kicking myself, too, because I wrote something pretty good that I felt like sharing. the inspiration is gone now, though. bummer. oh well, it’ll come back. And I’ll post more later. for now, be content in knowing that everything is just hunki dori. peace out.

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