planning and dreaming

well, I’m feeling a mite better this morning. today I will get picked up by Craig & Geneviève and mosey on over to Drummondville for the reflection meeting there, which goes on until 15h00, then I’ll get back home, make myself a nice bowl of lentil soup with carrots and celery, and scheme as to how I’m gonna get my courtesy car back to its owners. jolly!

for a guy who never plans anything, this is quite a lot of planning. man. I look in the mirror nowadays and say “who’s that?”

I had a dream this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. I remember being on a big stage in an even bigger park — like one of those stages they erect for music festivals, you know? and everyone was busy setting up and going here and there and so forth and I was helping out to the best of my ability. then suddenly, everybody got off the stage and the bleachers filled up — the bleachers were to the left of the stage, too, not facing the stage or anything — and there was no other crowd anywhere else. I was left alone on stage with a microphone, so I took initiative and started to MC. the crowd cheered. but then I started getting all this feedback, because the speakers out on the high towers in the grass were pointing towards the stage. everyone winced and I tried my best to avoid creating feedback, but it didn’t work very well. eventually I woke up. and I had had a good sleep!

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