lunch break update

hey, I’m at work, it’s my lunch break. Work is going pretty well; I’ve been travelling this week. Wednesday I returned my courtesy car to Drummondville (and got a friend lost in the process… ooops), and stopped into Warwick to visit someone for work; Thursday I went to St-Ferdinand, again for work — really nice town, and a light snow was falling, which made driving difficult, but it was beautiful; and today I went to Norbertville, yet again for work. I’m seeing quite a bit of the countryside. I like it, too. I say a prayer in each place I go to. You never know what can happen. 🙂

Oh yes, and I’m borrowing a car from one of the local Baha’is; it’s a K-Car! Sure, it’s not as sexy as the Saturn, and it’s certainly not as fuel-efficient as the courtesy car (which was a Hyundai Accent), nor as safe as either of these. But it drives well, it’s not falling apart, and it’s certainly got a charm all its own. Still, I’ll probably keep looking for something else. I’ve been suggested the Toyota Echo as a good, economical car (money-wise and gas-wise). Anybody have any thoughts on that? I would be driving with it quite a bit.

Ah, the future. All we can ever do is guess. More later. Lunch break’s over.

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