twenty three skidoo

lots of stuff always happens in my life nowadays. I guess that’s good. I haven’t been bored in a long, long time.

I am actively searching for work right now. I’ve had enough of joe jobs. And web site contracts are okay, but contracts don’t really replace a salary IMHO. What I need at this point in my life is a stable job that will allow me to live, gain experience, and give me time to serve the Faith as well.

oh and by the way, I’m 23 years old now. many thanks to those of you out there who sent cards, e-cards, letters, or other correspondence. I celebrated by baking my own cake and recording my own birthday song. woohoo!

what do I really want for my birthday? sigh. I want a job 😉 but that’ll come with effort, courage, and perseverance. and a lot of smiling and speaking French.

much love to my homies. peace out.

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