cows, wood, trucks, and computers

well, I have a job! good stuff. it’s a three-month contract with the SADC (Société d’aide au développement des collectivités). they’re an organization funded by Canada Economic Development, and they do things like give grants to local businesses, entrepreneurs (especially young ones) who want to start a business, and so on. I’ll be an all-around computer guy, teaching people how to use internet, setting up computers and networks, and various other tasks. I’ll have more details once the job starts. mmm, economic development. good stuff. there’s a lot of need for economic development in this region — from what I hear, anyway. it seems all there is here is cows, wood, and trucks. and sometimes, there are even trucks carrying wooden cows. that’s rare, though. ok, no, that’s a joke. but I’m integrated now, so I can make those jokes.

the job search club paid off. I think the greatest benefit I got from it was being forced to push through the fear and the doubt that surrounded me in calling employers. I come out of it with a… different outlook on life, actually. I feel different. as if something inside me’s changed. I’ve been on the other side of those doubts and fears and seen that they’re vaporous, baseless. I can see the other side of the barrier and I wonder why it ever stopped me before. If only I had believed in myself earlier. I would have realized that I had no reason not to believe.

and that’s a thought that I’m meditating and praying on. I need all the support I can get in this reflection. But it’s a support that isn’t expressed through words. If you happen to want to help… offer prayers 😉

earth can never cloud its splendour, nor water quench its flame…

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