so, just to let you all know, i got re-evaluated at work today (since my training period was up), and they decided not to keep me on. i met with my boss today and we had a good talk about it. he explained why i was being let go, and we reached an understanding. he even suggested to me where i could direct my steps to get better work. i won’t go through all the details here, but just to say that i’m now gainfully unemployed, that i left on good terms, and that i have lots of options open to me. i plan to join up with the local job research club and see if i can find something a lot better.

sometimes God does weird things. and we may grumble and curse and moan at the outset, but generally, once we accept it, we see that those weird things are exactly what we needed in order to grow. more news as it comes in. i’m happy.

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