my car’s dead!

ok, so technically it’s not dead. and technically it’s not my car either. it’s actually my dad’s car, but he was letting me use it. unfortunately, I took it in for an inspection (so that I could change the Ontario license plates to spiffy Quebec plates), and it got a big fat REFUSED. too many defects. Apparently the repairs would take many hundreds of dollars. Like the several hundred dollars before that… and the several hundred before that… and the… you get the point. it was just time to put my foot down, and not on the gas.

so, as of 11h15 tomorrow morning, I’m not allowed to drive that car. sad, but oh well. it’s lived its life and done me a lot of good, and for that I’m grateful. thanks, car. heheh. I decided to call it trusty rusty. coz it’s got 389400 km of mileage on it and boy is it rusty!

anyway, apparently my sister is okay with letting me use her car instead, since it’s just sitting in my parents’ driveway right now gathering dust (and snow). It’s a 1997 Saturn SL1. I think it has a CD player, too. OMG. Luxury. What the! I guess I got too used to the tape player that mangles and never plays anything, and the radio with the messed-up display.

et mille mercis à tous ceux qui ont déjà répondu à mon appel pour de l’aide avec l’assurance-auto! je crois que je comprends un peu mieux les démarches à suivre maintenant.

all that’s left now is to get insurance for the car and my parents have said they’re ready to bring it up on the weekend. How cool is that! I love my parents. Big ups. 🙂

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