happiness is a minimum wage job

I have to say, this job with the Cranberry Interpretation Centre is really great. For real. I love it. I spend all day hanging around telling people about cranberries. I get to tell jokes, act like a clown, and make people go ooh ahh. I get to tell them all sorts of factoids that make them feel really impressed with cranberries.

Now let me shift gears here for a moment, and go into tour guide mode. Some people have asked me the question: “But Dan, this is the Cranberry Interpretation Centre, doesn’t that mean you interpret the mystical cranberry language that the plants use to communicate with their subterranean Viking zombie masters?” Well, no, that’s not entirely true. This is indeed the Cranberry Interpretation Centre, and the rest is false. Now you know.

What else was I going to say. Oh yeah. I’ve made lots of tips in the last week, too. And at the end of the day, I keep getting told that the visitors always have good words to say about me: that I explain the subjects well, that I’m funny, lively, interesting, that they enjoyed listening to me, and so on. And man, is that a boost of self-esteem! Even though I’m tired, my diaphragm is aching and my throat is hoarse from yelling so much, at the end of the day I feel like I could just keep on going forever. That’s great.

I’ll leave it on this happy note. Catch you all later.

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