it’s that big chunk of fudge

Here’s a run-down: yesterday I popped by one of the local churches to attend an information session about a gospel choir. That was pretty cool. Actually, it wasn’t the church, it was the pastoral house (or whatever it’s called), right next to the church. Nice place. You can tell the Catholic Church makes a lot of money. So, anyway, that’s nice, I might be able to sing regularly this year.

Also yesterday, we had an assembly meeting, but a really phat one, the best we’ve ever had. We were united, we were organized, we discussed some great topics, we all participated — man, I’m just blown away. It was a great, great meeting. Alhamdu’lillah! It was nice to see. I hope we have some more like that.

Meanwhile, today I worked some more at Loblaws. Yay money! I’m pretty certain that I’ll have to keep looking for a job though, just as a precaution. Since I’m not part of any union, they can cut me whenever they want me to — which may be far away, but may also be within a month or two. You never know. And there has been a lot of talk about said cuts. Oh well. That’s okay. As long as I can find something else that’s phat.

Um, what else? I made photocopies. I did a pretty good job facing, too. I was pretty focused, and I’m becoming more efficient all the time.

I’m tired now. Good night.

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