ha ha ha shake my hand mister monkey!

so, I visited the job fair today at the illustrious Place 4213 (purely a coincidence), and made a few contacts, interesting ones. I gave out a fair number of resumés; hopefully someone will bite and get in touch with me for a job. I’ll post updates on this site when I get major news. hopefully I can find something stable that’ll give me more hours than Loblaws. 😛

oh by the way, I spent the last two days working at the Cranberry Interpretation Centre in St-Louis-de-Blandford. It’s fun being a tour guide! I get to goof around and be funny, and I get paid. It’s a lot easier than I thought. The only thing is that it’s hard on the voice (because you have to speak loudly) and it’s tough standing up all the time. I find that it’s pretty easy to run the tours in both french and english, too — I wasn’t expecting that. I guess it’s because it’s so simple — you’re really just saying the same things over and over, and then you throw in a little bit of your own colour. I take people around through a guided exhibit on the nature of a cranberry bog, how the production cycle works, and so on — and then they watch a ten-minute video, and then we go out for a hayride (without the hay) to see the cranberries being harvested out in the fields. That’s fun. I get to just say whatever I want. I mean, within reason. And I answer questions, hopefully ones I know the answers to.

I’m hungry. Guess I should eat lunch.

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