all i have are my prayers

the tears cried in silence
drop from my cheeks,
and fade into the haze.

the hand that dried these tears is long gone
and this strange land offers no relief,
no respite, no calm,
only trials, only tests,
only bitter toil and grief.

memories and dreams of better days
flap in the wind, flutter like moths
and in a gust are blown away.

oh Job, oh patience,
what has become of you?
we were best friends once,
but now all have fallen,
and I stand alone,
or rather slump,
crumpled in the corner.

perhaps I never told you
how much I loved you.
perhaps I never knew
until you were gone.

ere long will this city of exile
surely be a city of light,
but in the meantime
I am shrouded in night,

in this midnight hour
I close my eyes and sit still
and all I have are my prayers.

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  1. Simple, solid, clear and heart felt. The poetry in your collection celebrates the construction of the Arc on Mt. Carmel and your poems have a beauty suited to the beauty of Mt Carmel and a fitting tribute to the celebration of the opening of the terraces in 2001. You might like these two little pieces about the same topic from a different perspective. Just delete them if they does not suit your taste.


    By the early 1990s the Arc Project was making large holes in the side of Mt. Carmel. During this same period of time, in 1993, the Hubble Spacecraft was fixed in the heavens. As the Arc Project headed to completion in 2000 and 2001, Hubble sent back data that allowed astrophysicists to determine with some accuracy the age of the universe at 12 billion years. Some 40,000 galaxies could be observed in the sky behind a curvature the size of a grain of sand and there was a vast increase in the knowledge of the origins of stars. The Sun and the Moon were also studied during the construction of the Arc Project telling us much more about these heavenly bodies. The Sun’s polar regions were investigated during this period. Asteroids and comets were also examined in more detail than ever before. Mars and Saturn also came under the astronomers’ microscopes. —Ron Price with thanks to The Internet: Planetary Science Spacecraft, 24 June 2002.

    They (1) said we stood on the threshold
    of the last decade
    of the radiant twentieth century.
    The prospects were dazzling:
    little did we know
    we’d be able to go back
    and see our origins
    12 billion years ago.
    Yes, there was an acceleration
    of spiritual forces then
    as May 1992 approached.
    The suddenness, the speeding-up,
    the transformational impact
    on my poetic output,
    the new feelings of delight
    on the dry soil of my heart
    and a certain bewilderment
    which I have been trying
    to understand since those
    winter months when
    it really began, (2)
    made me slowly realize
    that, at last, I could
    not do everything
    on this long, slippery
    and tortuous path
    as that dynamic synchronization
    at last approached.

    1: The Universal House of Justice, Ridvan Message 1990.
    2: In the winter months of June to August 1992 I wrote 35 poems, the precursors to an immense poetic unfolding of about 600 poems each year for the next ten years: 1992-2002.

    27 June 2002


    In the months surrounding the opening of the Terraces on Mt. Carmel, March to July 2001, astrophysicists studied the second gamma ray explosion of 22 February 2001. They concluded that in the constant stream of light and energy that constituted this explosion they had seen the nursery for the first stars, the first huge clouds of gas and dust. Stars lived and died in this nursery. Black holes were formed in this same period that astrophysicists called associated with what they called ‘the cosmic dark ages.’ This gamma ray explosion was, in fact, the biggest bang thusfar discovered in the universe. It gave astronomers a window to our distant universe and to how our first stars were formed. It was from these first stars that all our matter, all the elements in the periodic table that we now know, have their origin. —Ron Price with thanks to “Catalyst,” ABC TV, 8:00-8:30 pm., 5 April 2002.

    It’s more than just coincidence
    that we got our first big handle
    on the origins of the first stars
    just at that very time on earth
    that the first system for earth,
    the first world Order finally
    was given its first outer form
    in a brilliant Arc
    of buildings and gardens
    on God’s holy mountain,
    a rocky hill, Carmel’s bony spine.
    For as a poet said:
    …confident stars
    form new configurations,
    effortlessly shaping themselves
    into the alphabet of homecoming. (1)
    It is not enough to marvel.
    The universe asks more.
    Let the searchers, drowned,
    who look and stare in wonder,
    tell us why, returning
    from their telescopic haunts,
    we stand, wistful in our chairs,
    far from those stars and awe.

    1: Roger White, Notes Postmarked The Mountain of God, New Leaf Pub., Richmond, BC, 1992, p.3.

    4 April 2002

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