yet another day

mostly getting serious on job searching today. I got turned down for a job today, boo. oh well. I’ll keep on trucking. Even if I have to pick cucumbers for months! hey, you know what else, I got a hat. MAN I HAVE A HAT. That’s great. I LOVE IT.

That reminds me (I don’t know why), I want to scan in some photos so I can show y’all how cool this place is. You know, sometimes I still get this cognitive shock when I see a Quebec flag flying, and I think “Hey, I live in Quebec. This is far out.” Apparently the phenomenon of living in Quebec has not yet entered my self-image. Maybe if I start learning how to play spoons

Oh, and I’ve decided to learn how to juggle. I dunno, I guess I just really need a good way to relax. Besides, it’s cool. I used to think I could never keep three balls in the air, but earlier today I was doing it for TEN SECONDS! WOW!

Woof woof. Getting serious indeed!

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