they’re grrrrrreat!

Hey what’s up people. I’ve moved into my new place and it’s pretty good. The only wack thing about it is that my room is right next to the road. I think it’s been affecting my sleep. That would explain why I’ve been feeling a little tired lately. I guess this means I should invest in some good earplugs! Anyway, otherwise the place is nice. I’m staying with a lady who works for a local international-solidarity organization, and her son, who’s about 16 I think. I don’t know them that well, but I figure that will come as time goes on. They’re both familiar with the Bahá’í Faith — Nicolas (the son) comes to Bahá’í events quite often. Nicolas is, as we say in French, “mordu du théâtre”, is involved in local improv teams, and is a really good actor. Another cool thing is that Sylvie (the lady) eats mostly vegetarian stuff and buys organic food and so on, and she has a large collection of music from around the world.

It’s funny, isn’t it? I just appeared here out of the blue, and suddenly I meet all these nice, interesting people who I either hang around with or rent a room from. It’s nice to have things in common with your landlord. Heh heh. And it’s not just landlords either, I’ve met lots of neat people so far.

So many things to do, so little time and so few resources. If there were several copies of me, I might be able to get more things done. Have more fun. Teach more. Serve more. Meet more people. Offer more support. But there’s only one of me and it kind of pains me to see how many things I have to do just to live. Apply for this and that piece of paper. Find a stable job. Find contracts in the absence of a stable job. Fix this. Clean that. Organize this.

It gets frustrating, and tiring. The worst is when you have to put aside your work for the Faith in order to take care of… well, details. Of course, not everything is just details. Bahá’u’lláh says earning a living is a blessing, and work done in the spirit of service is worship. So however bleah it may seem to look for a job, it’s an important part of life, one that gives you means to accomplish things you couldn’t otherwise. So yeah. I guess it’s not all a drag. 🙂

I spent some time volunteering for the World Rhythm Festival this weekend, and that was pretty cool. I can put that on my resumé now: Hey! I’m a gaffer! And OMG sitar music baby. I love sitars. There was this phat band called Ragleela, and they’re like an Indian band and they play like ragas or songs based on ragas, and it was like cosmic, man. Wow.

Anyway. I have lots of other stories but I couldn’t possibly write them all down. I guess I’ll C U L8R.

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