stockboy syndrome

I should start soaking my feet in hot water…

I had lots of fun today, even though the point of the job isn’t really to have fun. but I did something useful: I solved a sort of sokoban puzzle in the deep-freeze room. I had to liberate one of those rolling-stairway things, but there was a big stack of ice cream blocking the way, so there I was, hauling boxes here and there, making space, until finally I got it out, with much rejoicing. it’s nice when you can enjoy your work.

I’m not facing fast enough. I don’t think I’ve got the technique quite down pat. And I’m really confused as to what I’m supposed to be doing: hauling garbage, or facing and replacing boxes. I get one order this way and one order that way. All in all, it’s very different. I don’t think it’s a consultative environment. Perhaps something can be done to open those channels.

I haven’t been out lately. Is the sky still blue?

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