hey, thanks!

If there’s one thing I like, it’s when people represent. Thanks for your prayers, everybody — I got the job. Woohoo! I’ll be a commis à l’épicerie (smiling happy guy who answers customers and restocks shelves) at the new Loblaws [français] that’s opening up in Victoriaville. The work starts on August 28th, when the market opens. I get to wear a yellow shirt! And a black name tag! OMG A BLACK NAME TAG. 3y3 4m 2 k3w1 4 u w1+h my b14ck n4m3 746.

Anyway, this is good news. It’s definitely better than making no money at all, which was my fate for a while there. I will definitely keep you all in touch with how it goes.

For some reason I just really feel silly lately. I guess that’s a good sign. It must mean I’m in good spirits. woohoo good spirits!

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