aaaaaaaaaauuugh my feet!!!

’nuff said 😉

so things have been going well at work so far. I’ve been averaging around two to three errors a day. not bad for someone with absolutely no experience! it certainly is challenging. I’m practically learning from the ground up. on Tuesday I learned how to face. that means “arrange items nicely on the shelf”, and how to operate the cardboard press, and how to use those little movable stairs. on Wednesday I learned how to use the service elevators and the garbage compactor, and the importance of hair nets. Today I learned how to face again (apparently I hadn’t gotten it quite right the first time), and how to restock the shelves. I’m feeling more and more like a stockboy! woohoo stockboys! oh yeah and my feet are killing me. At least I can guarantee that I’ll be getting some exercise. Now I need to make sure I keep doing those curl-ups and push-ups in the morning to get me going.

In other news… wait, there is no other news. I’ve been cooped up inside a Loblaws all week. what the hell.

We had a conversation about religion in the lunch room (which scared away several people) wherein two people were batting each other about over concepts of religion, particularly the Catholic faith. I can see why some people don’t like to talk about religion. It’s kind of like bashing two bricks together. Religion is treated like any other commodity — just pick a brand name. And if you don’t like any brand in particular, mix and match them to get something you like. I’m always pretty saddened when I see that. I believe that religion is the greatest constructive force in the world, and has always been. What’s that you say? It can also be the greatest destructive force? Yes indeed. I won’t get into the whole logical argument, since it’s getting close to dinner time, but the fact is that religion has simply done a lot of good. There are a lot of good religious people who live pure, happy lives, and do great, amazing things for the betterment of the world. There are also people who miss the point entirely and use religious ideology to gain power, money, prestige, and so forth. Worse even, there are people who corrupt religion by putting forth their own biased views of religion as the gospel, inalienable truth. What’s the difference between the good and the bad? Here’s a simple answer, take it with as many grains of salt as you wish: The good people are inspired by God and seek to follow His will. The bad people ignore God and go by their own opinions as to what’s important. Make sense? This presupposes that God is the source of all good. Can we accept that? I can. But let’s talk about it.

If only I could do this well in French, though 😉

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