july 29th redux

So apparently an Amtrak train derailed recently. I remember having misgivings about going Amtrak when I went to New York because I had heard so many stories like this. Sad. No one was killed, though. That’s probably because of the ample safety devices! Remove rubber push window!

Well, things seem to be looking up now. I may indeed have a job come September. We’ll see. I certainly hope so, anyway. I’ll keep you all posted. I’m taking off tonight to help draw a poster for the Festival des Rythmes du Monde. Later on I might work at setting up the festival and acting as security. Cool 🙂 Any little experience helps, y’know.

I’m moving on Wednesday! I’m busy at home hauling things upstairs and putting them into boxes. The new place will be on the other side of downtown. Unfortunately it’ll be on a major thoroughfare, but hey, in a little town like this, it can’t be that bad. I hope.

If you’ve been praying for me, please continue said prayers as long as you can 😉

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