want to fry, hamburglar?

well wow, that was a pretty good weekend. I was in Ottawa and hung out with family and friends, went to my brother’s art exhibit, played Risk until four in the morning, and attended a gathering of study circle tutors, and to top it all off, my weekend was bookended by Ruhi circles in Montreal. I spent a lot of time driving around and staying up late. I slept in Montreal last night after the study circle, at Pardis and René’s house near McGill. I got up early (6:30 AM) and mosied on over to the Directeur de l’État Civil (Registrar of Civil Status) in downtown MTL to apply for my birth certificate. I think I’m simply going to take the birth certificate and a bunch of photo ID with me when I go to NYC at the end of the month. I’ve called the customs info line and read literature and it seems to me that they’ll let me in with that. I’ll call again to make absolutely sure. Then, after that, I’ll apply for my passport, so this never has to happen again. Shows you what good it does to be a slacker. 😉

chocolate pork tongue

“Dave Lo” <hgh4254@Flashmail.com> says he can help me with my fibromyalgia. That would be great, if I had it. delete

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