busting through a guerilla roadblock

Sometimes I wish I were in some crazy action movie where they have armed guerillas walking the streets and I’m a big handsome reporter who rides an expensive SUV and busts through roadblocks and crosses borders to escape evil dictators and all that. Then I get real and I’m a young man riding his bike around a little town in Quebec, and driving to Montreal for Ruhi. Actually, that’s fairly exciting. Ruhi is a pretty world-changing phenomenon. We’re talking about a study program aimed at helping people everywhere become “the protagonists of their own advancement”. (Century of Light, p. 140)

What people need now is courage, courage to do what the world needs. Well, they need other things too, but… well, at the moment I’m just saying this one thing because I was thinking of it. There’s lots of things that the world needs. Read Century of Light for a good summary.

Also, lemme just say something about the Voices of Bahá choir. I just recently got the music for the songs we’ll be singing, and I started singing it. And you know, I love it. I really like singing. I’m completely out of practice and I need to work on my breath control BIG TIME, but otherwise it’s going well. I think I will indeed have the songs memorized by the end of June. Yay!

I can’t believe I went all this time with this passion for singing and never jumped on it. It kinda shows what a little push, a little suggestion from friends can do sometimes. You guys know who you are… thanks. 😉

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