So it’s only Catherine who came down, because Zorrida ended up having a lot of work to do for her Master’s. But that’s cool, one person is still a great bounty 🙂

Today we sorted through the generous amount of groceries that my parents sent down with Catherine, and she got the chance to meet Jacinthe. In the morning we went over to buy a crabapple tree, and in the afternoon we planted it at the home of one of the Bahá’í families in town, as a celebration of the formation of our spiritual assembly. While we were at the garden store, we met this nice woman who was from an Egyptian background, and who’d lived in Victoriaville for decades. She was having company from San Francisco, family I guess. I told her I was from Ottawa, and she said she has a lot of family there too, some in Orleans (now Ottawa East), some in downtown Ottawa, some in Hull (now Gatineau). I spoke some Arabic to her and she was impressed. That was pretty cool.

Now I’m checking email and Catherine is showering. She offered to cook ratatouille tonight, and she’s also preparing a fireside for tonight. Such industry!

NO, I’m not going to make her do it all by herself, I’ll help out, unless she kicks me out of the kitchen.

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