So the weekend is over (now long over) and life returns to a state of normalcy. oooh. normal is bad. I need to do something wacky! like get a job!

I talked with Jacinthe today about staying in this apartment for the month of July, and she seems to be okay with it. Cool. I like this place. 🙂 It kinda works out because the folks I’ll be moving in with afterwards will be doing some crazy moving in and painting and cleaning for the first two weeks of july or so.

the nice thing is that once I move in to the new place, I’ll be able to host Bahá’í stuff with impunity. I know coz they said I could. 😉 within reason, anyway. maybe not hosting whole youth conferences, but… well, maybe we could even figure out something for that… *scheming*

so I’m pretty much safe apartment-wise. all I need now is… GRR… A JOB.

In other news, our community is celebrating the Declaration of the Báb tomorrow evening, May 23rd, with a little community supper and readings. I’m doing the readings. Woop! We start with food, and after sundown (when the new Bahá’í day begins) we… well, I haven’t decided yet. stay tuned. What’s cool is that I think this is the first time this community has gotten together to celebrate this Holy Day.

What a blessed day May 23rd is. It’s sort of like celebrating the beginning of the whole world.

On May 29th, at around 3 AM, we’ll also set a new precedent by celebrating the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh for the very first time together. Well, some of us will be doing it together, anyway — it can be hard for some people to go out at 3 AM and stand up.

Keep in mind while you read this that the Bahá’í community of Victoriaville started with one person ten years ago. The fact that we are now starting to celebrate these things as a community marks a stage in our transformation from scattered band of faithful to united community.


<Megahal> Je suis gilles duceppe.

<Megahal> Il est important de se rappeler de cela.

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