miscellaneous update

Today’s been a week full of activity, at least for Jacinthe. Her grandfather died over the weekend, another relative fell down a flight of stairs, and to top it off, there’s stuff going on with her ex-husband that I probably shouldn’t repeat in a blog entry. Suffice to say that her week has sucked. She doesn’t seem to be letting it get to her, though.

Me? I’m puttering along, getting my life organized, hoping a job will come within my reach soon. I still have no idea what a real job interview is. Oh well. If job-hunting works along the same lines as apartment-hunting, if I put in the will and the effort, I should be pleasantly surprised soon. I talked to Carl the other day and he says he’s making $600 a week working at the restaurant. Gah. I wish I had waitering experience. 😉

You know a blog is starting to get too self-centered when the entries start dropping the names of people you don’t know, without explaining who they are. Sorry. You should be able to figure out the context by browsing through the archives. 😉

You know a blog is starting to stray from the purpose of a blog when the entries stop containing links in their text.

This is sad, let’s rectify the situation. Jacinthe is my coloc (housemate) and works in the day care at a local school, and Carl is the son of Maurice and Marcelle, the Bahá’ís who I was staying with last month. Ahh, that’s better.

Anyway, tonight I’m going to pop by the Vieux St-Pierre and see Jacinthe’s boyfriend play guitar and sing. I’m trying to take in the culture. Plus he’s not that bad. I’ve heard him.

Anyway. Next entry will be more interesting.

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