the hunt begins again

well, this time the search seems to be a bit easier. now that April has come and gone, I only need an apartment for at least two months, after which, if all goes well, I’ll be able to move in with a local family in a nice and spacious house with a big honking kitchen. :9

I looked at a few apartments today; one was a basement apartment in a nice part of town, but the house wasn’t one of the nicer ones; another was a room in a 2nd floor apartment closer to downtown, and it needs painting. That one has turtles, though. Hee hee. I haven’t seen turtles in a long time. anyway, this time around I feel a little more confident that I can find something fairly good, because I’m looking for a room instead of a real big apartment (don’t have the money). Rooms are generally rented by the week or month, whereas people only like to rent apartments with a six-month or year-long lease. I did not know this. It should have been obvious, of course, but… oh well. now I know. see? this isn’t so bad, I’m learning at least.

and the job hunt goes similarly; I’m popping by all these groceries and so forth, picking up job application forms. I guess I’m lowering my standards, but hey. if it works, it works. maybe it doesn’t pay to have too high standards, especially when you don’t have a whole lot of job experience. anyway, hopefully I can find a more legit job after a while. it takes time, I guess, and patience. I’m going to take time over the weekend to look for more apartments and hopefully make a decision by Monday about where I want to go.

and many thanks to a friend from Ottawa (who knows who he is) for the kind words this morning over email. I really appreciate that. 🙂 hope you’re all doing well.

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