gimme an amen!

so, travelling teachers are coming tonight. Catherine (my sister) and Zorrida (her friend) came all the way from Thornhill (outside Toronto) to Ottawa yesterday, and today they make the trek from Ottawa to Victoriaville. This is going to be pretty cool. I wonder what’s going to happen. I keep thinking of ways we can put them to good use while they’re down here. It’s not every day you have people come down to a faraway town like Victoriaville to proclaim the Glory of this Day. Gotta treasure it while you have it!

I’m trying to find Bahá’í quotes in french to make a little multiple-choice quiz for tonight’s feast. It’s tough because I have practically no source material in french. All my books are in english. So I can find cool quotes, but I have to translate them, which is e. Man. Translating the Bahá’í Writings is no joke. There’s so much depth, so many nuances — the words themselves have so much potency and power that a mistranslation could destroy the whole meaning of a passage. You really need skill to do it, not only in the source language but in the language to be translated to. Catherine’s taking steps in that direction; she’s going back to university in the fall to finish her B.A. in Translation. I’m proud of my sister 🙂

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