flip flop

hello there. back in victoriaville today. we got back around 1:30 am, with me struggling to keep my eyes open as we drove. maybe we should have slept in montreal instead, but enh, we got there alright. but I think I won’t do that again. I woke up at around a quarter to one in the afternoon, and immediately got invited to go take more pictures at the Garderie du Manège. Yeah, I finally figured out that it says “school” on the front, but the front room is actually a day care centre, and that’s where I’ve been helping out. Anyway, not a big difference. Kids galore anyway. So I took photos, and as usual the kids were lots of fun, like little bundles of zip. I kind of miss being a little bundle of zip. I took what I hope were artistic shots, and after it was all done I gave back the finished rolls and went to have dinner with the Girards, who live across the street from the place. So, all in all, it was a good day. (Actually this refers to Tuesday.)

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