chips are falling

so today I moved out of Marcelle and Maurice’s house, and Carl took back his old room. All my stuff is packed into the back of my car at the moment, and most of it will stay there until I finally find a legit place to stay. right now I still haven’t heard back from the people who have the turtle apartment as to when I can move in, but I passed by the place the other day and there was a whole bunch of junk lying out by the curb — including mattresses that were in my would-be room — so I figure they must have started painting already. I just want to check with them to make sure that avenue is still open.

Tonight I want to call Jacinthe (the teacher from La Garderie du Manège) and discuss the price for the room in her basement. lay all the facts on the table and the truth shall become clear, and hopefully we can work out a price that works for both of us. I’m not used to haggling. When Hadi (that’s my brother for those not in the know) went to Egypt he told me about all the fun he had haggling and I sort of cringed and wondered why anyone would have fun haggling. It’s just not really part of my experience. But I suppose it’s part of upholding justice — you want to arrive at a price that works, why cheat yourself? Anyway. So I should get that out of my hair tonight. Still no job, but then, finding a home is the most important thing.

That reminds me of this sticker I got from one of the OPIRG booths at the U of O. “When you don’t have a home, nothing else matters.”

<User> Who was the white knight in the Book of Revelation?

<Megahal> George washington was the white knight in the book of revelation?

<User> Oh, what did he do to deserve that spot?

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