I have a bit of a cold today. Here’s what I did: this morning I waded into the Nicolet River, with bare feet, and it was FREAKING COLD. I didn’t bother to stop and check the temperature before I went in. I almost passed out from the shock. Luckily, I didn’t, and I’m alive to warn others. Beware, children! Test the water to see if it’s freaking cold before jumping in!

I’m making some lentil soup for dinner, that should help me recover a bit. I’ve been invited to an after-dinner chill-out with some of my coloc’s* friends, that should be cool. I met them last night when they came over to hang around and drink the booze we seemed to have lying in one of our vegetable drawers. Yay, more room for vegetables. 😉

Sometime soon I’m going to post some articles about the society in Quebec. This place is interesting and more anglophones should know about it. Anglophones often don’t make real big efforts to reach out to francophones because the language barrier seems so daunting, and so we don’t learn about each other. Perhaps I can help with that.

(*: coloc is short for co-locataire, or someone you share an apartment with.)

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