bad news

eh-oh. so, I hadn’t thought of this, but the son of the couple I’ve been staying with just got a job in Victoriaville, which means he’ll be staying with his parents, which means I’m in the way. funny how things that seem good sometimes turn around and bite you in the asphalt. so basically I’m back to searching for an apartment. I took a job application to Super C (the supermarket) today, hopefully they can hire me temporarily as a bakery or produce knob and I can actually afford a place that’s not falling apart. somewhat more troublesome is that we have a whole bunch of people coming to travel teach in two weeks, and I was kind of hoping to be able to house some of them while they’re here, so I’d like to have some place that’s not just a room. oh well. maybe this is the wind-up for one of life’s slapstick comedies again. obviously fate has interesting things in store for me. 😉

and now the person I borrowed a bike from wants it back. this must be “I Take That Back” Day. I hope Revenue Canada doesn’t come and repossess my computer this evening.

Perhaps this is just God’s way of shaking me out of my stupor, and making me reassess what I need and what I don’t need. I was getting kind of complacent there for a while.

Man, I want cheese. I really want cheese.

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