what a nice day

well, the sickness was better today. I (indeed!) made myself some lentil soup with carrots and celery, and that helped lots. Then I went for a long walk around town, all the way to the Cégep where I watched kids skateboarding, and then to the Super C to get groceries, and then to this little hair salon next to the Burger King where I got my hair cut real short (which it was about time for), and then back home, and all the while it was nice and hot and sunny outside. what little snow that’s left is perishing quickly! mua ha ha ha!

Today Maurice and Marcelle (the folks I’m staying with) went to go get their son from Montreal, and he’s going to be staying here for the weekend. I made nachos and vegetarian pseudo-meatballs for dinner, and we partook of them. Today was a nice and useful today, and tomorrow I may go and see a movie. Woohoo!

<Megahal> Time flies like a set of stained glass windows.

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