service calls

woop, back to victoriaville again tomorrow to continue looking for a job. thankfully the couple I was staying with earlier are welcoming me in until I can find a job 🙂 hopefully I can find one soon.

you know, every now and then I start thinking, when most other people take their year of service, they go to some far-off place. Guyana, Haiti, South Africa, Barbados, Papua New Guinea, the Marshall Islands. The living conditions in some of those places are squalid compared to what we’re used to in North America. The tests are probably more than I’ve ever imagined. And yet here I am going on my year of service to… Victoriaville. Not the Third World. Nobody living in huts (except maybe homeless folks). Many of the amenities I’m used to (except they’re more expensive). On the surface, this seems like a cake-walk compared to what some of my friends have done or are going to do. But perhaps the tests are simply of a different nature.

Man, it must be hard to serve in a place like that. Not only do you have the physical tests, but you have the spiritual tests as well. You get it from all sides.

I guess the challenges in this year of service will be ones that challenge me to rely on God. I guess that’s what you have to learn every time you go out for service. That when you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no panic button and no parents around to cushion your falls, and you’re trying to do the impossible (or improbable) with little or no tools or time, you really can only rely on God. And I don’t mean the guy with the long white beard who sits on a cloud in the Sistine Chapel and throws lightning at people, either. I mean God. It’s hard to explain, so I won’t try.

Obviously there are more lessons, too. But perhaps we’ll leave them to be gradually discovered. 🙂 Have a good week, all.

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