random ramblings

lettuce here isn’t that much more expensive than it is in Ottawa right now, according to Loeb Glebe anyway. yesterday I bought hydroponic leaf lettuce for 1.99, the same thing would have gone for 1.49 in Ottawa. okay, it’s way more expensive. but usually I would buy romaine lettuce, which is 1.69.

It seems that Victoriaville, on the whole, is less vegetarian-friendly than Ottawa. It is somewhat friendly, and I’m quite glad about that. La Manne [français] is a restaurant/natural food store, like a combination of The Green Door and Rainbow Foods. BTW, is there anyone reading this who doesn’t know that I’m vegetarian? Sorry. Now you know.

Anyway, not much happening this weekend, but on Monday I go take pictures at l’École du Manège, and in the evening I join a Ruhi Book 2 circle with Claire and company in Montreal. Woohoo! And yay sunshine! And yay disappearing sickness!

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