little birds singing

so yo. I’m back home in Ottawa, and already they’ve put up pictures from the Montreal conference! Yay! I’m going to get mine developed today — four rolls. woo! heheh. I’m still pretty pumped from the conference. It feels really good to be around so many old friends and to make so many new friends, and all the while to be together to study and deepen our understanding of the world.

I’m slowly getting my rest again, too. man. nobody ever gets any sleep at these conferences. some people stayed up even later than we did, too.

I’m listening to Jack Lenz-Doug Cameron-et al kids’ songs. It’s actually a tape I had when I was a kid, called We Are Bahá’ís, but it got busted a while back and wouldn’t play, so I bought myself a new copy. It makes me feel all nostalgic. 🙂

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