getting back in the swing of things

ahhh. it’s been pretty nice taking a rest back in Ottawa. sadly, all good things must come to an end. I’ll be going back to Victoriaville on the afternoon of the 8th. not that that’s not a good thing too, but… you know what I mean. figure of speech. I have to decide how much I’m going to take this time, and whether I’ll bring my computer and pay for my own ‘net service. It would probably we simpler to do that than to wait until later. hopefully I’ll have some work within the month, and I can try to look for a room/apartment to rent for a while. hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. still praying.

you know, suddenly I want to talk about a bunch of things. things I’m not sure people will relate to. and I find myself in the position of having to find ways to explain the things I want to say to people who may not have the same background that I do. I want to discuss the senselessness of the state of the world, but I want to discuss it as a necessary stage in the coming of age of humanity. I want to discuss the futility and emptiness of the dating game, but I want to discuss it in terms of discovering a new way of building solid relationships. I want to discuss the moral, ethical and spiritual degradation of the age we live in, but I want to discuss it so I can learn to renounce this degradation and learn to hold myself to a higher, more constructive standard of behaviour.

I want to find a way to extricate myself from the nets and ropes that bind me to the dust. anyone with me?

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