cogito ergo elk

yes, I’m still looking for work. there are a few more people I should get in touch with to confirm about job opportunities, but after that I think it’s back to gruntwork again. typing up my cv and passing it around and shaking hands while making eye contact. maybe I can sign up for that A+ certification I wanted to take. there are also some courses at the Cégep that I could take to get some honest-to-goodness training instead of limiting myself to hands-on learning, google searching and university textbooks. not that I don’t learn some great stuff doing that, but still, I need to get some specific skills. Like ASP, and ColdFusion. And I want to deepen my knowledge of Java. The problem is that I’m on a strict budget until I can get a job, so there’s not going to be much training if I want my savings to survive.

So, this weekend is the first day of Ridván! Bahá’ís all around the world will gather together to elect Spiritual Assemblies, the basic administrative unit of the community. Here in Victoriaville, we will have the glorious opportunity to form the first Spiritual Assembly ever in this town (not to mention within an hour’s drive from here, too). Anyone with extra prayers to spare, send them over to us! Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly.

Side note: I found Patak’s curry paste in the store! So tonight I was able to make myself a nice vegetable curry, and ate that with some rice and dhal (red lentils). Oh, I SHARE your passion, Patak’s, make no mistake. :9

<Megahal> Hello there. How are you?

<User> Not too bad. And you?

<Megahal> I’d prefer to keep those details private, thank you.

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