sunny days, sweeping the clouds away

yay! it’s fourteen degrees above zero. snow is melting like crazy. the sun is out and I can step onto the porch in jeans and a t-shirt and fling snowballs at people. a nice little treat as winter winds down.

here’s my theory: in ottawa, it always snows on easter (or, perhaps this year, it’ll rain). I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that it generally tends to snow on easter. we’ll see if it happens this year. easter sunday is march 31st this year. keep your eyes open.

well, i’m still a bit preoccupied with my job situation. i find myself with many job applications sent and only a few “nous retenons votre CV”, usually with the caveat that there’s no work right now but that there may be later. oh well.

I wonder whether I should leave before finding a job and stay with a local couple for the first month or so. there’ll be a lot of uncertainty. the earliest date I’ve been given for a possible job is june. everything else is a still kind of a pipe dream. if I set my mind to it, though, I should be able to find something, even if it’s factory work or flipping burgers.

I wonder what happened to the story about people with computer science degrees being snapped up after university and being given a salary of forty-five thousand dollars a year. I guess they meant in other places. 😉

I’m not bitter!

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