spam spam spam spam

oh well. some email harvester finally found my email somewhere (which is difficult, seeing as I don’t usually post it anywhere on the net) and now I’m getting SPECIAL INVESTMENT ALERT spam. uhh, free clue: I don’t care. your hot stock picks can kiss my buttinski. although now it’s giving me an opportunity to try and derive a regular expression that will catch all the spam that I get, without misidentifying legit email. oh well. if you can’t have a little humor about these things, then what good is it?

on the plus side, at least i can use procmail

FOOCORP has sold over a million of it’s most popular tool, the 13-in-1, multi bit Ratchet Screwdriver

These are high-end bags with the comfort and affordability of traditonal bags

FOOCORP is a relative newly public company with the new, stonger management team in place

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