more festiveness

so we had a Naw-rúz party here in Victoriaville last night. it was pretty cool. there was lots of food and music, and there was a clown too. he gave me a balloon bicycle after he subjected me to card tricks, but I gave it away to someone who didn’t have a balloon. 🙂 I got to meet lots of people, like I said. In this area, there seems to be about four youth besides me, only one (i think) of which, Oliya, is my age. Speaking of which, there she is right over there. cool. this is such a neat town. it’s all small and everything. I get the feeling that once I’ve been here a year, I’ll know everyone in the town. Anyway, I also met Vahid and Gregory from Montreal, who came down to play the guitar and do some ACTION THEATRE with us. getting in touch with our positive and happy nature.

ok, I have to get to work writing cover letters and photocopying resumés and stuff. KTHXPEACEOUT

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