all wacked on the scooby snacks

gaaaah. all the keyboard mappings around here are different. I never know which keys to press to get a slash, or a less-than, or a — I’ll stop complaining. 😉 especially since I’m using a computer at the Girards’ home, instead of at the library (which is closed). They have a home network set up with high-speed internet access. Sweet!

more job hunting today, and lots of typing up cover letters. it’s tiring work, I have to sit around and think of what’s so good about me. hehe. I’m starting to miss Ottawa already, it’s hard being out here in a town I don’t know, in a community with so many people I barely know. send me some big ups if you can and if you have the time. hope to see a bunch of you at the Montreal conference. I’m starting to think of the logistics of my moving down here — it may have to be quick, and I might not have as much time as I thought I might. I should be alright to be in Ottawa for the first few days after Easter, though.

hey meesa, you were right, I’m already being tested in ways I never expected 😉 oh well. trusting in God as always.

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